Underground utilities construction generally falls under the “umbrella” of excavation.  And there are some good reasons for this.  Much of the work happens at the same time, and much of the same equipment is used to complete the task.

But I ask you, would you hire a dentist to install your braces?  A general surgeon to perform your brain surgery?  

There ARE many similarities between the work of excavation and underground utilities, but there are many more reasons to select a specialist for your underground utilities.  When you install a water or sewer line you need them to work properly, and by hiring someone who does this work day in and day out means you will get a better outcome with less down time.  Failures are incredibly expensive to fix and can create major problems. For deep or complex underground utility projects it just makes sense.

Hire someone who focuses exclusively on underground utilities and you can rest assured that the job will be done right and it will withstand the test of time.

Our underground utilities expertise helps cities projects and cities run seamlessly.

  1. Before you act, make a plan  (conduct a needs assessment).

  2. Think through the task at hand (tailor your approach for the best outcome).
  3. Organize your work and execute (be efficient and effective).
  4. Be prepared for conditions to change (have the necessary tools).
  5. Communicate communicate communicate (before, during and after).

We use this five-step approach on every project to ensure unrivaled results every time, and we have developed a set of quality control procedures to document and verify the work we do is up to standard.  No job is too small,this is a standard feature we use for every project.

The work we do may not be brain surgery but its perfomance is just as crucial.  Every member of our team plays a crucial role in the work we do and what the outcome is.  Because of this, we instill a culture of learning, skill development and team work, and this is the Northsound way.